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( Jan. 15th, 2009 03:34 pm)
waaaaaaaaah. I missed Dan before he went to darts. I logged on like thirty seconds after he logged off. That sucks.

selling my old laptop to a girl across the hall. nice to have some cash and get my phonebill all caught up with.

also today was payday. I can has moar monies. or at least have less debt :/ I want to have it all paid off in two years. I have plans dammit and they don't include dealing with student loans AND mortgages and whatever.

oh sweet. just figured out how to pay my phonebill through my bank on the internet. awesome.

played ball hockey most of the morning. actually did pretty good on defense. my left leg got a bit of abuse though. which is kind of painful considering how fucked up it was from basic. so I'm limping around again a bit. but whatever. And tomorrow we apparently get off around lunch time. so I have to go to the BOR and get my leave pass stamped and whatever so they don't take my LTA off my pay;

EDIT: for all you not military people who aren't in on the acronyms

BOR - base orderly room
LTA- leave(?) travel assistance


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