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( Jan. 20th, 2009 11:58 am)
Remustering. As either met tech or supply tech. Did my paperwork this morning.

was leaning towards musician but I've already burned out in that one once. Still recovering from that. I can sit at a piano for a few hours sure, but the 8 hours a day routine I really can't handle. my perfectionist brain for that sort of thing eventually prevents me from doing anything remotely useful and all I do is stress out. Add to that a healthy dose of stage fright and you've got a complete basketcase on your hands.

MP looked interesting but I'd have to go back to school.

Being pulled into the chief's office to explain myself was fairly terrifying.

I'm not backing out of this trade because I don't think I can hack it as a girl. It's just that my priorities have changed. I no longer have any desire to go gallivanting around the world unless it's with Dan. Sure it would have been a crazy experience, but I'm sure crazy shit goes down in the airforce too.


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