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( Feb. 28th, 2009 11:08 am)
weird dream last night.

I was back around my parents place. my family was at some party kind of thing down the road and I decide to walk home at some point, only to encounter a stream of LAVA in my way o_O;. At which point I boot it back to the party to warn people, but no one cares and/or believes me, until they see it coming at them from out the window. So people start panicking and scatter. I make it out with my dad and we head out to the road and hitch a ride with, get this, Dog the bounty hunter. lol. so we're driving through fields and stuff attempting to make it back to my parents place. Only we encounter godzilla fighting something that looked vaguely animated before we get there and our truck gets destroyed and I end up hiding in a ditch.

haha wtf.


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