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( May. 15th, 2009 11:10 am)
back on dry land.

Wasn't as brutal in some ways as I was thinking it might be. in other ways it was more brutal. Like the first day and a half when we were in sea state 6. where I spent a solid 16 hours vomiting every five minutes.

They actually took me off KP and had me doing hull tech stuff for the last week. so that was pretty cool. I even canceled my remuster. Basically we spend a lot of time in black water and a lot of time drinking and singing 'I'm on a boat' with the firefighters. lol.

The guys I work with are totally cool. even the POs. and the one leading seaman looks almost exactly like my brother, so that was kind of weird. they even have the same mannerisms.

And when we were berthing today I got to be part of the berthing party. basically that means you climb down a ladder on the side of a ship into a zodiac and go to shore so the guys on the ship have people to throw the lines to. It was the coolest shit I've done since basic.

On the downside I got fucking shafted for rounds in the barracks. the LT did his rounds yesterday. no wonder my room was all dusty and shit, I've been gone for two weeks. maybe they didn't notice the pile of chits that'd been piling up next to my note that said GONE SAILING. BACK MAY 15TH. *facepalm*
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( May. 15th, 2009 12:43 pm)
It's been decided, Dower and I are GTFOing the barracks ASAP.

Goodbye Nelles Block. I fucking hate you and your crazy nazi commissionaire lady. The countdown is on.


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