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([personal profile] saltydog May. 1st, 2009 11:22 pm)
going sailing monday. 12 days. Luckily they put me on night shift. which means I get to sleep and watch movies in the cave and then go do dishes and make coffee every couple hours. Looks like we're expecting rough seas though. That should be interesting. sea state 6. means 30ยบ rolls. Glad I don't have to deal with soup.

Oh and let me tell you about my adventure in getting home thursday night.

dress regs state you can't leave the base with your ball cap on. I didn't have my beret so I couldn't go out the front gate. The back gate was closed. So I went for a bit of a swim to get around the fence and then climbed up a rock face to get the hell out of dockyard. That was fun times. It was more of a wade, really. I was lucky it was low tide. Also, barnacles for the lose.

Here's hoping my lack of observation of cameras means there aren't any. and if there are, that no one really looks at them. Though I'm sure breaking circumnavigating out of dockyard is substantially less serious an offense than breaking circumnavigating in.
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