saltydog: (fight club - tyler working)
( Jun. 24th, 2008 09:47 pm)
I love my new running shoes. I suspect they'll make things easier than trudging along in an old pair of vans.

Anyways. Was looking through all my reading material tonight. there's quite a lot of it. But it's relevant to my interests so I plowed through most of it without too much trouble. Most of it's instructions on what to bring, what to do once you get to montreal, info about getting paid, that kinda stuff.

oh and apparently in the navy we get to learn to use swords. That's the height of awesomeness. Seriously. Though my mother didn't think so :P

I might post pictures from my enrollment ceremony if I think I don't look too awkward. For some reason I let myself be convinced to wear high heels, so I probably look like I'm about to fall over and break every bone in my body in every picture XD

oh, and that reminds me. bathroom pictures. soon. tomorrow maybe if I get around to it. don't let me forget though, because dammit that bathroom looks awesome now.


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