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( Jun. 13th, 2007 07:13 pm)
so now for a real entry..

today was hot. I sold strawberries and read like... 200 pages of cryptonomicon. Neal Stephenson reminds me of Matt, in that he's a total geek and a hilarious asshole XD

Also Jan's going stir crazy! I'd like to do something that isn't work or internet.

And I almost forgot, Mrs. Randles called me the other day. so I called her back and she's recruited me to perform at a fund raiser for her art group. I want those of you who I went to highschool with to guess who I might be performing with at this thing. Please. just guess. By the way, the answer is full of pompous ass and monkey. Oh darn, did I give that away too easily?

So I've pretty much been loling for the last hour or so. like. really. Like the lol fit I had about "this is delicious mother, you must try some". BECAUSE IT IS THAT HILARIOUS OMG.

Mind you this fund raiser is in november. so I suppose we'd have to you know, practice and all that. which would involve us actually having to talk to each other. which will be an adventure I'm sure. OR! I could just like. do the solo thing. Not having to deal with his crazy would be slightly less stressful and I'm all about NOSTRESSPLZKTHX these days. Hrmm. Well. I suppose I'll make up my mind by the end of the month.


now I want to go out and do something but I don't have any friends round these parts anymore. and doing things alone suuuuuucks.



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