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( Apr. 13th, 2006 11:39 am)
And now, home time.

Final presentations today went well. Except for one girl. who I swear to god was high on something. Her project was that she made a shoe. And the meaning behind it was that she had been shopping a lot lately and liked shoes. Only when she was trying to explain this, she kept yawning. and having pauses in weird places. And generally came off as mentally retarded. She also rolled her eyes at anyone who tried to make a constructive comment on it. Two days ago I would have been ready to smack her around. But Chungking express has me on a perpetual high.

Maybe I should stop mentioning chungking express in every entry I make... :P
I spent most of tonight helping a friend edit a music video thing. The upside: cookies and working with an avid system *drool*

too bad the software alone is like 2500 bucks.

I might watch chungking express again...

despite the fact that it has california dreamin on the soundtrack... I think it really is my new favorite movie of ever. I looked it up on imdb and apparently Quentin Tarantino holds it in high regard as well... I just found that interesting.


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