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( Apr. 6th, 2009 01:27 pm)
It's hard... once you've been through something exciting. Going back to doing boring things. Because now you realize that the life you had been leading before was even more useless and boring than you originally thought.

And now here I am. months after graduation still doing nothing I find even remotely interesting. Sweeping the same patch of floor for 6 hours. Cutting big pieces of pipe into smaller pieces of pipe. doing dishes. I am an inmate who gets sea pay. I busted my ass for five months doing drill, taking care of my kit, doing the bloody obstacle course, doing the bloody obstacle course in a fucking gas mask, meeting timings, marching around with a rucksack for miles, marching around on one leg with a rucksack for miles, working my ass off to earn the respect of my platoon mates and instructors, only to find out that I'm worse off professionally now than where I was at the feed mill. which is kind of shitty for morale and stuff.

*shakes fist at life*


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