saltydog: (SGA - caldwell hates you)
( Apr. 8th, 2009 11:22 pm)
I had such a bad day it's almost comical.

like not being 'entitled' to breakfast on the ship. even though I get there at 5:50 am before the mess in the shacks opens up and I pay 500 bucks a month for rations.

or like the PO directing me to the male washroom instead of the female one, it being the only door without a sign on it. That one was actually kind of funny.

or like being stuck on the ship for 2 hours past when I should have gone home because of force protection exercises.

or like bashing my knee really hard on a ladder and limping around for the rest of the day.

or like being the scum of the earth because I'm remustering to a trade I probably won't get terribly dirty in.

I'm developing a twitch. -_o


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